Order Shipment Notification CSV Field Description

Spreadsheet Header Description Example
customerAccountNumber Your customers account number that identifies them in your system
123 yes
purchaseOrderNumber The order's PO number
ABC123 yes
purchaseOrderShippedInFull Is this PO fully shipped? TRUE yes
salesOrderNumber Internal Sales Order Number
salesOrderShippedInFull Is this Sales Order fully shipped?
TRUE yes
destinationShippedInFull Has this address received all its shipments? TRUE yes
customerPickup If this is a customer pickup FALSE yes
shipFrom_attentionTo From Address: Attention To line
shipFrom_companyName From Address: Company Name
shipFrom_address1 From Address: Address Line 1

shipFrom_address2 From Address: Address Line 2

shipFrom_address3 From Address: Address Line 3
shipFrom_city From Address: City
Gardner yes
shipFrom_region From Address: State or Region
KS yes
shipFrom_postalCode From Address: Postal Code
66030 yes
shipFrom_country From Address: Country in ISO format
shipFrom_email From Address: email address

shipFrom_phone From Address: Phone
shipTo_destinationType Valid values: Commercial or Residential
shipTo_attentionTo To Address: Attention To

shipTo_companyName To Address: Company Name

shipTo_address1 To Address: Address line 1

shipTo_address2 To Address: Address line 2

shipTo_address3 To Address: Address line 3

shipTo_city To Address: City
Gardner yes
shipTo_region To Address: State or Region
KS yes
shipTo_postalCode To Address: Postal Code
66030 yes
shipTo_country To Address: Country in ISO Format
shipTo_email To Address: Email address
shipTo_phone To Address: Phone

package_trackingNumber The carriers tracking number 1Z52l2463643436264
package_carrier The name of the Carrier
package_shipmentDate A date timestamp in UTC specifying the valid timestamp depicting when the inventory will be available for allocation to sales orders.
2022-05-02 15:00:00.000 yes
package_shipmentMethod The Carriers specific name of the shipping method 2 Day
package_dimensionUom The unit of measure
Valid Unit of Measures are: Inches, Feet, mm, cm, Meters
package_dimensionLength Length of the Package 5
package_dimensionWidth Width of the Package 10
package_dimensionHeight Height of the
package_dimensionUom The unit of measure
Valid Unit of Measures are: Ounces, Pounds, Grams, KG
package_weight Weight of the Package
item_purchaseOrderLineNumber PO Line Number 1
item_supplierProductId Product ID for the product in this package CUP1234
item_supplierPartId Part ID for the product in this package NAVYBLUE
item_distributorProductId Optional - If you have the distributors Product Id MYCUP
item_distributorPartId Optional - If you have the distributors Part Id BLUE
item_quantityUom Quantity Unit of Measure for this package
View unit of measure values >>
item_quantityValue Quantity value contained in this package