Order Status CSV Field Description

Spreadsheet Header Description Example
customerAccountNumber Your customers account number that identifies them in your system
123 yes
purchaseOrderNumber The order's PO number
ABC123 yes
salesOrderNumber Your internal order number 12345678 yes
status The Status Name (case sensitive)
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Shipped yes
expectedShipDate The expected Ship Date
ISO 8601 format
2022-05-02 15:00:00.000
expectedDeliveryDate The expected Delivery Date
ISO 8601 format
2022-05-02 15:00:00.000
qualityProofUrl A HTTP link to the Proof

additionalExplanation Additional Comments

issue_id An ID for an outstanding issue
issue_category The PromoStandards category for an issue (case sensitive)
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Art Hold conditional yes
issue_name A descriptive name for the issue

issue_description The detailed description of the issue
issue_urgentResponseRequired True/false detailing urgency
TRUE yes
issue_responseRequiredBy A date timestamp in UTC specifying the date when a response is need by. ISO 8601 format
2022-05-02 15:00:00.000
issue_blockingStatus If this is blocking production

contact_accountName The name for the contact

contact_accountNumber If there is a different account number for the contact

contact_type What kind of contact is this
contact_attentionTo Attention to a specific person information

contact_companyName The company name for the contact (could be used for external

contact_address1 Address line 1

contact_address2 Address line 2

contact_address3 Address line 3

contact_city Address City
contact_region Address region

contact_postalCode A date timestamp in UTC specifying the valid timestamp depicting when the inventory will be available for allocation to sales orders.
contact_country Country in ISO format
contact_email Email address for the contact

contact_phone Phone Number for the contact
contact_comments Comments to be directed to the contact

product_purchaseOrderLineNumber The line on the purchase order this refers to 1
product_salesOrderLineNumber The line on the sales order (internal) that this refers to
1 yes
product_supplierProductId The suppliers productId for the product
ABCD2345 yes
product_supplierPartId The suppliers partId for the product
product_quantityUom The unit of measure (case sensitive)
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EA yes
product_quantityValue The Quantity ordered
1200 yes