FAQs for PromoStandards PO Support (Self-Hosted Supplier)

Do all Purchase Order notifications I receive get added into my order management system? 

Not all Purchase Orders are automatically added to your order management system. Orders submitted by Distributors who don't have credentials for your Purchase Order endpoint can't be delivered by-way-of PromoStandards Purchase Order endpoint and MUST be manually entered into your order management system.

Will DC’s PO email notifications change? 

the DC Purchase Order email notification will be the same aside from a section at the top that will identify if the order was sent via your Orders API.

Is there anything I need to do to enable PromoStandards PO Support? 

Yes! To start receiving PromoStandards Purchase Orders, contact product-team@distributorcentral.com. We will work with your team and send test orders before enabling PromoStandards Purchase Order support. Once enabled, the only other action you need to take is to add credentials into OneSource for Distributors as they send you DC Orders.

How will I know if a Purchase Order was successfully sent through my Order API? 

A message at the top of the DistributorCentral new Purchase Order notification will specify if the order was successfully sent or not.