How to Filter Your Products in the Products List

In your OneSource account you can view your PromoStandards products, here is how to filter your products in the Products list table

  1. If you haven't already, log in to your OneSource account here
  2. From your OneSource dashboard, click the Products menu at the top of your screen 
  3. The Products page will load all of your PromoStandards products
  4. Click FILTERS in the topmost row of the table
  5. In the filter options box, select a column type you'd like to filter by:
    1. Primary Image
    2. Item #
    3. Item Name
    4. Status and more...
  6. In this example, we are trying to filter our products down to a specific Item number
    1. Columns type = Item #
    2. Operators = contains
    3. Value = (the item number) 
  7. Click outside of the filter options box to close it and view the products that fit your filtered criteria
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