How to Review a Product

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Review your PromoStandards product data inside of your OneSource account with our Product Review page. (No technical expertise required).

  1. If you haven't already, log in to your OneSource account here.
  2. From your OneSource dashboard, click the Products menu at the top of your screen 
  3. The Products page will load all of your PromoStandards products
  4. Find the product you need to review
    1. You can do this by filtering your products
  5. Once you've found a product you'd like to review, click the Review button to the far right of the product
  6. The Product Review page will load with all of the PromoStandards data that is currently available
  7. You can use this page to explore your PromoStandards product and more!
    1. Follow up on product data updates to ensure the correct changes were made and live
    2. Present newly PromoStandards compliant product data to stakeholders
    3. Use the Product Review page to further understand PromoStandards and how their products fit within the standard.
    4. View PromoStandards products as a whole and increase product data quality for customers 
  8. Easily navigate to other products using the Next and Previous buttons in the top right of the Product Review page