Getting Started with the OneSource API

What is OneSource?

OneSource was built from the ground-up to make PromoStandards attainable for every promotional products company.  It’s the result of a vision that started more than two decades ago at DistributorCentral.

Today, OneSource offers easy access to PromoStandards data from a single location using a robust API that can easily handle millions of requests. OneSource’s web services are standard SOAP APIs to match the PromoStandards organization’s active APIs, however, you can look forward to JSON/REST and GraphQL versions in the future.

Getting Started



Product Data Product
Product Data & Configuration PPC
Media Content MED
Inventory INV

As we’ve mentioned, our web services are standard SOAP APIs. 
WSDLs to each supplier can be retrieved through a request using the following URLs:

To request other suppliers, you can parameterize the SUPPLIER_CODE within your code after the standard classes have been built out. 

Full URL Example